Story of "Your Punjabi Aunty"

Pikkle Shikkle - From Your Punjabi Aunty

Posted by Satbir Singh Saluja on

Try a Little Pikkle Shikkle In India, it’s widely believed that there’s no better food than home-cooked food. Famous for feeding into this nation-wide sentiment with their many evolving home-cooked delicacies, are Punjabi moms. Being a product designer, Satbir Singh saw a delicious brand just waiting to be packaged, when his Punjabi Mom - Gurdeep Kaur - began preparing home-made jams and pickles (or pikkle - as the Punjabis like to pronounce it). To add to that, the bigger house in Bangalore that he just moved to with his family, seemed like the perfect place to home-cook this idea. Yet,...

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